Weird Places to Skimp

Some of us spend a lot of time with the purchasing decision on the core spirit to be included in the cocktail. That approach is not flawed, just incomplete. 

Every ingredient in a cocktail’s recipe is essential and important. A cocktail demands balance in the construction of the drink and ingredients are not listed on the recipe simply because they make good team mates. If you follow that belief, then you begin to understand  why every ingredient must be respected inddividually. The sum of the parts is almost always greater than the individual pieces. After all, that’s the point of a cocktail. 

So while you spend an inordinate amount of time reasoning a core ingredient purchase, it’s a mistake to spend moments or resources purchasing a supporting cast of cheap players The most expensive spirit cannot overcome a lime that is not in top-notch condition.   

This is not to suggest that off-brands are out-of-bounds. Sometimes a “store brand” can be everything a well-known brand is. But do your research and understand the proprietary product, There are often valid reasons reputable merchants want to sell items with their names prominently featured on the label. If time allows, do a side-by-side test run of the proprietary product. Satisfy yourself that the lower ccst ingredient measures up to what you are trying to achieve. The end result could be quite satisfying. After all, you don’t want ruin the inclusion of the upscale core ingredient.