The Truth About Spring

In most parts of the world, spring is a season of rebirth. Coming out of desperately cold
conditions, spring exemplifies rebirth and more temperate conditions. Spring is always welcomed
and greatly anticipated.

In New Orleans, where there are two, maybe three, seasons, spring is not so much a
game-changer as it is a continuation of a winter without snow or crazy cold temperatures. The
good points of springtime in New Orleans include the continuation of festival season and a lack
of tropical storms. Lots of rain is a possibility but destructive wind, not so much. Hurricanes
hardly happen, to borrow a line from a favorite Rodgers & Hammerstein musical number.

The temperatures in a New Orleans spring are mild by our standards, the winds come mostly off
of the Gulf of Mexico so humidity levels climb, but without the summertime temperatures the
humidity is tolerable. Again, by our standards. Ladies’ hair returns to a frizzy state and
perspiration stains return to the underarm areas of clothing.

As in every “season” along the Gulf Coast, environmental conditions are better defined by
what’s seasonally available to eat rather than what the position of the sun creates. The most
anticipated crop is likely crawfish and the least desired product of nature is likely to be pollen.

Adult beverages tend to return to cocktails laden with ice and/or frozen. Certain key questions
remain such as for St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, are hot toddies appropriate or just go with a
Guinness into which a jigger of Irish Whiskey has been dropped, demanding a proper
single-chug response? Or in proper New Orleans decision-making, is the right answer, do

Items not up for debate: where to go to satisfy a springtime thirst. The rules are simple. The bar
has to be respectful and the barstaff have to be knowledgeable. Shortcuts in technique or in
ingredients are not to be tolerated. They are insulting to the end-user. The surroundings must
be conducive to the comfort of the customer and staff should be focused on one customer at a
time devoting full attention to the project at hand. Distractions are not allowed.

Let me suggest a couple of outlets that will satisfy you on all counts and you will be the hero of
your friends’ accolades when you suggest these destinations for a comfortable, value-precious,
enjoyable environment.
First of all, for those of you that relish good stories, told well, in an history-rich authentic space,
Sazerac House. This multi-floor homage to the New Orleans cocktail is the top of the heap. The
entire project is named in honor of New Orleans-own cocktail. The Sazerac is the world’s oldest
named cocktail, dating back to the mid-1800’s. Today’s Sazerac is also the name of the
company that is the largest distiller in America and it is based in New Orleans.

With every step you take in this greatest of all adult beverage museums, you will not only find
tasting delights but also authenticity that enriches the mind. Located smack-dab on New
Orleans most famous downtown street, it’s an easy walk from all the major hotels and streetcar
The other cocktail and dining destination that will make you a star among your in-crowd is the
Polo Lounge and Grill Room in The Windsor Court Hotel. This grand property, also located in
the downtown area (incidentally in New Orleans this area is known as the Central Business
District, CBD), The Windsor Court has been recognized by just about every travel and hotel
guide in the world as one of the great hotels in the world. The dining and drink outlets here are
on that level.

Fear not ordering a cocktail, no matter how obscure you feel the recipe is, staff in the Polo
Lounge will respond with the definitive definition of that drink. The Grill Room kitchen follows
the same philosophy as the bar. Only the finest and freshest ingredients, in season, prepared to
perfection make it on the plate.
Convenient, comfortable, authentic and eye-opening. These are the reasons to visit and try the
Grill Room and Polo Lounge in The Windsor Court Hotel and to spend time at Sazerac House.
They are only a few blocks apart in the CBD (in case you have forgotten what that means or
where that is, see a few paragraphs above. There will be a test later.)