The easy way

Does anyone need to be “sold” on the benefits of a vacation from the pressures of making a living or running a household, or both?

I think not. A change of routine and scenery is actually crucial to our abilities to function efficiently and with minimal damage to our psyche. Time away from the daily routine, vacations and a change of scenery are not perks, they are necessary.

But since the pandemic, moving about has become expensive and stressful. Every night on the News we see images of perfectly sane people sleeping on the floor of airports thanks to cancelled flights. What we don’t see, but we know is a part of the scene, are missed rental car reservations, hotels already paid for, dinner reservations missed and side-trips never taken.

Let’s be logical and assure a good outcome to the short amount of time allotted to our desire to refresh our brains and our souls. Let’s not travel.

While that may seem radical, it really is not because we live in a destination desired by many, many travelers and visitors.  We are lucky like that.  Why not take full advantage of our location and good fortune to live in South Louisiana?

Before we proceed, and I share with you the advantages of staying here, let me state my lack of respect for the word “staycation.” It’s a good word but I really don’t like it. I’ve always felt that it communicated a shortcoming in our financial abilities or in our creative abilities to come up with a good plan. Staycation does not indicate that change of scenery which we do desperately crave. My apologies to every marketing director who has used the term.

What we are really doing by staying in our area is taking advantage of a lifestyle envied by many. Rieghtly so. When we have a world-class destination at our fingertips there really is no need to spend money on travel, airports, unknown destinations and the details of travel. We live in the midst of all those questions and challenges, and those items are already answered.

The monies you would normally spend on travel can be put to good use for your enhanced comfort. Airplanes are not comfortable. Right off on your journey in your town you can check into a luch, roomy, completely luxurious suite at the Windsor Court Hotel. The moment you step through your door your decision to stay in town will be validated. The cost is just about the same, or less, than you would spend on a single seat on an airline.

You have the options to hang around the room but the amenities at the Windsor Court will have you thinking another way. The pool deck, perfect for sunning, also offers spot-on adult beverages or snacks, delivered to your lounge chair. Feel like pampering, the Spa will not only spoil your body but will awaken senses you forgot you had. Refreshed does not do justice to how you are going to feel.

Want to just chill-out with a classically-constructed adult beverage, the Polo Club exceeds expectations in décor and beverages available. Step into The Grilll Room, only steps away from Polo, and dine in luxury in one of New Orleans most celebrated and cherished rooms.

The alternative is to stay in your suite and take advantage of room service on a royal scale. Whatever your pleasures for food and drink can be brought to you in grand style.

To make matters even better for your stay, there are now specials on free nights at Windsor Court.

Yes, you deserve a change of scenery byt that does not mean you have to leave New Orleans. The solution is in the heart of town.

The Windsor Court Hotel

300 Gravier Street

New Orleans