An Idea with Legs

There are some thoughts that are top-notch and don’t age. Interestingly they are likely actions you still have not done. Easily remedied.

Be a Tourist in your own Home Town is not new to you. You have heard the words and maybe have even heeded the advice. Now, we urge you to move in that direction. This is particularly true if you live in New Orleans. Could not be easier to do and more rewarding in many ways.

But even if you live in the region or anywhere in America, New Orleans hits above her weight and offers more value for your leisure dollar than just about anywhere else. It’s interesting that it has turned out that way. There are towns founded to conduct business and then decided that they should offer leisure attractions. And there are towns that offered nothing but leisure attractions and decided that more commercial aspects were important.

New Orleans early in her 300 year-old history covered all the bases. Commerce and monetary service to the Monarchy was always an important part of the equation. But pleasurable and social outlets were always within easy reach.  It was likely due to the remoteness of the site and the need to be relatively self-contained that forced the early inhabitants of the area to put emphasis on trading and transportation as well as celebrating and honoring the arts.

It did not hurt that the welcome mat was out for all comers. All except the English, of course. The early settlers of New Orleans were quick to adopt holidays, cuisines, art, culture, style and performances from every group that came to inhabit. Many heritages joined together but past diverse histories were respected.

That tolerance has been passed on to today’s inhabitants. Likely no place celebrates as many festivals, with grand staging, as New Orleans. And no one is excluded. If America is a Melting Pot for every ethnic group in the world, New Orleans serves as the gumbo bowl.

The bonus is that if you are living in the New Orleans area you have full access at the best times. And you have the local knowledge of the market. It almost is not fair. You can take your car, not a cramped plane, into the heart of all New Orleans offers.

Here’s an interesting bonus: one of New Orleans’ finest hotels, The Windsor Court Hotel, has been named one of the 25 Best Hotels in America. As I’ve noted many times, even if you just use the hotel as the only place you will be visiting while “on vacation,” you are in for a truly wonderful treat. Actually, all you would want in terms of dining, drinking, recreation, spa, or just laying back and replenishing the body and mind, Windsor Court will perfectly exceed your demands and expectations.

So will New Orleans. I like the authenticity and the culture. I am certain there are other aspects that are your choices. Don’t just sit there. Start planning and start the process of enjoying travel instead of dreading the experience.